Kate Middleton Style

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Audrey Hepburn, the British actress and fashion icon, once famously said that ‘elegance is the only beauty that never fades.’ Years later, the maxim is still relevant whether in the world of culture or politics as the example of Kate Middleton demonstrates clearly.

From her first public appearance, the Duchess of Cambridge has been hailed as the perfect example of an empowered and elegant royalty.

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Whether canoeing in Canada, planting a tree or attending a state visit, sophistication, modesty and elegance define her style. On her days off, Kate can often be seen wearing a casual and chic combination such as striped tops or more traditional British country wear. She is a great supporter of high-street as well as designer British brands with many of the items posted in her wardrobe immediately selling out. She was spotted wearing designer pieces by Alexander McQueen but also brands such as Whistles, Hobbs and Reiss or even Top Shop! Many blogs (for example What Kate Wore and Kate Middleton Style) devoutly document any new additions to the Duchess’s wardrobe. It’s not uncommon for her to appear in the same outfit more than once, an unusual ‘recycling that has stirred some debate on the internet!

U.S. based online magazine, Verily, has recently compiled a list of ’24 dresses you’d totally find in Kate Middleton’s Closet.’ What becomes clear is that her dresses, cut just above the knee, combine classic elegance and feminine design. She is not afraid of bold patterns or vivid colours but these are always balanced out. The more fitted, evening dresses that underline the figure are neither very short nor very revealing. Longer sleeves, especially the three-quarter sleeve, and A-line silhouette cuts are the defining characteristics of Kate’s wardrobe. And so are sheer tights that have now made a big come back thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge—a subject of heated debates on numerous online blogs and discussion fora. Sheer, near-invisible tights that are well-matched to one’s skin tone make legs look particularly well in high heels and are appropriate for both formal and less-formal occasions. A pair with little sheer is particularly well suited for evening engagements.

These small royal tips and tricks go a long way and can be easily applied to our slightly less glamourous yet no less important everyday pursuits!

Katarzyna Mika